Bright Little Stars

Bright Little Stars Project

South Eastern Interiors (SEI) proudly collaborated with Bright Little Stars, renowned leaders in elite kindergarten education facilities.

For those who have had the privilege of stepping into the realms of a Bright Little Stars establishment, it is immediately evident that the space reflects more than just an educational setting; it’s a haven where creativity, learning, and growth harmoniously intertwine. Situated in the heart of North London, this kindergarten is not merely a place for basic learning but a platform where little dreams begin their journey.

The assignment we were entrusted with was a full fit-out, a task that required the utmost precision, creativity, and an understanding of what the young souls would resonate with. Every corner had to be inspiring, every wall had to tell a story, and every space needed to be safe and nurturing.

And the result… An ambience that was both stimulating and calming, balancing vibrant palettes with serene spaces, ensuring children had areas to both unleash their creativity and sit quietly, pondering the wonders of their day.


Bright Little Stars




Full fit out


North London
"Very good, looked after my project from start to finish. Professional and very high quality standards and finish."
Sach Patel

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Photo Gallery of Bright Little Stars

Capturing Creativity: Bright Little Stars in Frames
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