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Chaii Master Project

Dive into SEI's role in bringing Chaii Master to West London's high street, a symphony of authentic design and top-tier craftsmanship.

It takes a lot of work to introduce a new brand to London‘s crowded high streets, and Chaii Master‘s launch was not without its own obstacles and possibilities. Aiming to carve out a place in the hospitality industry with a unique personality and vibe, Chaii Master, located in West London, set out to accomplish so.

The brand’s ambitions needed to be mirrored in the atmosphere; therefore, our duty went beyond simple fit-out. We were able to deeply comprehend the brand’s essence because of our close collaboration, which helped us make decisions about the interior design of our offices and the materials we used.


Chaii Master




Full fit out


West London
"Very good, looked after my project from start to finish. Professional and very high quality standards and finish."
Sach Patel

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Explore the Chaii Master project, where West London's high street welcomes an embodiment of authentic design and sophisticated workmanship.
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