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For Fruity Fresh, SEI crafted a space resembling an exploration through diverse climates, terrains, and cultures.

An expert in the import, wholesale, and retail of fresh fruit and vegetables, Fruity Fresh prides itself on bringing the finest from all corners of the world to the tables of Londoners. At South Eastern Interiors (SEI), we were presented with the exciting challenge of crafting a space that not only facilitates their extensive operations but also tells their unique story – and the full fit-out of their retail space does just that.

The Fruity Fresh shop in Greater London is not a mere store; it’s a global journey. With produce sourced and imported from myriad locations, it was imperative that the store’s interiors mirrored this worldwide expedition. Our vision was to create a space that felt like an exploration – a walk through diverse climates, terrains, and cultures, all unified under the Fruity Fresh brand.

Our design and fit-out process paid meticulous attention to every detail. The layout was crafted to seamlessly guide customers through continents of flavours, textures, and aromas. Distinct sections, subtle cues, and innovative display techniques were employed to give each type of produce its deserving spotlight while ensuring the overall ambience remained cohesive. This was a space where the vibrant colours of fruits and vegetables took centre stage, against a backdrop that was modern, refreshing, and undeniably inviting.

While the aesthetics were paramount, functionality was by no means compromised. Recognizing the extensive operations of Fruity Fresh – from importing to wholesale to retail – the fit-out was designed to support efficient workflows, storage, and customer interactions.

Result: Every corner of the Fruity Fresh store in Greater London whispers tales of distant lands, of farmers, of traditions, and of a brand’s commitment to bringing only the best to its customers.


Fruity Fresh




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"Very good, looked after my project from start to finish. Professional and very high quality standards and finish."
Sach Patel

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