True World

True World Project

SEI's True World transformation: Breathing life into West London's warehouse, blending retail charm with industrial chic.

Hailing from the blended sectors of retail and hospitality, True World came with its own set of expectations and ambitions. Nestled in the heart of West London, the project presented us with the unique opportunity to metamorphose not just an ordinary space, but an expansive warehouse within an industrial estate.

Such a space, stark and expansive, posed a canvas brimming with potential. The challenge? Ensuring that every square foot echoed the dual spirit of retail allure and hospitality warmth. And it’s with immense pride that we say, mission accomplished. Our design harmoniously melded the industrial ruggedness of the warehouse with sophisticated design elements, effectively creating a juxtaposition that’s both inviting and avant-garde.

The True World fit-out is an example of how spaces, irrespective of their original intent, can be reinvented with the right vision.


True World


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West London
"Very good, looked after my project from start to finish. Professional and very high quality standards and finish."
Sach Patel

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Delve into the transformative journey of the True World project, where an industrial warehouse in West London is reborn as a beacon of design excellence.
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